In his pictorial work, Desag strives to reproduce the power relationships between the colours that are born and the forms that accommodate them. Moreover, by harvesting these alchemies, the painter's attitude is to produce varied responses on the canvas. Without omitting to produce aesthetic and colourful creations.

With this approach, Desag admits that our universe is traversed by invisible flows and currents. It is in a 'mystical' aspect that these influxes have a prominent place in the artist's work. These currents form the basis for the structuring of his canvases. The painter classifies his painting in opus: the Earthling that emanates from the ground and the Aerial that arrives from the sky. These opuses do not have the same graphics. On the canvas, the conjugations and the sometimes chaotic line tracings, however, end in a general harmony.

As material and medium, Desag uses acrylic, sometimes oil or pigments. He likes to work on canvas frames in square formats, ranging from 50/50 cm to 120/120 cm. He prepares the surface of the canvases according to his needs. Some works are done on wood panels. He also likes to paint on paper.

In front of an exhibited canvas, the visitor's gaze is invited to follow paths rich in paces and colours. He will be able to observe from one point to another of the canvas, transitions that are suggested to him. Then, an aesthetic and colourful journey will be offered to him, in order to discover a work that is attractive to the eyes and the mind.

Louis Aast